Where do you find the individuals featured in these posts?
We find all of the ladies (and gents!) out and about in the city and publish these post with their permission. If the bags featured are submissions from readers, the post itself will note this detail.

I’m interested in partnering with Bag Watch! What can I do to get in touch with you?
Please contact us through our official email! Visit our contact page.

Where can I purchase the bags in these posts?
Each of our posts contains links that you can purchase these items; if they are no longer in stock, we will include ‘similar’ items.

What kind of camera do you use?
iPhone 6 & a Sony Nex-5.

Can you help me find a bag I want?
Sure! You can leave a comment on the submission page and we will sort through these requests.

I have a suggestion for a post – where can I send you that proposal?
You can also send that in on the submission page!


If you have any other questions concerning Bag Watch, please feel free to ask them below!

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