Review: Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Bag


As an avid handbag fan, I try to stay away from collecting too many pieces from the same brand. In fact, I make it a point to diversify my ‘portfolio’ so that I have different colors, designers, and bag types in my closet.

So adding another Mansur Gavriel bag to my collection was monumental, guys. I told myself that the mini bucket was enough, but I kept coming back and drooling over the Lady bag. It was so feminine, chic, and functional all at the same time. After refreshing the page for months, I saw Ebates have their flash 10% cash back at the same time Neiman Marcus was running their gift card promo. This was the sign from the universe I needed, so I decided to finally pull the trigger on this gorgeous pink mini Lady.




I have a lot of totes and mini/crossbody bags…unsurprisingly. But what I didn’t have was a medium-sized bag that was big enough to run around town for the day. It was like Goldilocks & The Three Bears – I needed something just right. The mini Lady definitely fit the bill.


Upon reading the measurements initially, I assumed that I could also fit my laptop in as well. However, the reality is that the mini Lady is adequate as a medium bag in length but definitely not in width. Because the top flap is angled downwards 45 degrees, you’re restricted from putting anything too thick beyond the bottom half of the bag. Unless you’re okay with distorting the bag by widening the body and letting the top flap rest horizontally, then you’re really only working with a max capacity of 60%-70%. The sides of the bag are also nipped in with the leather ties for aesthetic purposes, and that also limits how much you can fit in width-wise. I’m taking off one and a half stars for this reason.


However, that being said, I can still fit in a mini umbrella or a folded wrap scarf  in with my regular stuff (wallet, phone, keys, miscellaneous cosmetics, medicine, etc.) and that definitely makes it a very friendly day bag. I took the Lady bag with me on an international trip earlier this summer and it was honestly the perfect size. Not too big, not too small – which definitely redeems itself, so I’m giving it a half a star back.


While I love pink as much as the next girly-girl, it’s extremely hard to find a bag that pairs well with a true pink. And I’m not talking about a blush pink that is basically a nude. A lot of true pink bags are very garish or obnoxious – especially for bags that aren’t mini. However, because of the Lady bag’s minimalist silhouette, I think it works perfectly.


This pink shades actually pairs very well with a lot of things in my wardrobe. I particularly like wearing it with dark or neutral colored clothes and using it as a pop of color. I also match it with certain prints (like this floral dress I’m wearing!) as a complementary color. I’m so glad I didn’t end up returning this bag, since I was actually shocked by the Barbie pink hue when I first pulled it out of the box.


BUILD: ☆☆☆☆

Like my rave review on the mini bucket bag, my feelings about the Lady bag’s construction are no different. Mansur Gavriel does a fantastic job with using small unnoticeable stitches that pull the bag together.


However, I do have a few complaints about the bag’s design elements that I think fall short. First, the top handle – it literally never stands up by itself. I really thought that it would be freestanding like the photos online, but in reality…womp womp. It droops and unless you’re carrying the bag by the top handle, it won’t ever stand up straight.


Secondly, the inside pocket – why is it SO thin?? How am I supposed to use this pocket? If it was smaller, I could understand that it was intended to be a card slot. But this pocket is about three times bigger than a card slot but just as thin. Its bottom corners are also not secured down to the interior of the bag, which means that the pocket flops around if you have nothing in the bag.


All this being said, I guess none of these are really that big of a deal in terms of actually being able to use the bag. So I’m only deducting 1 star for these shortcomings.


My thoughts here are only for the saffiano version of this bag. I specifically chose the saffiano leather since I wanted something super easy to clean and take care of. Since the Lady bag is also extremely structured, saffiano is also an optimal pick to keep the bag’s shape intact.


In the few months I’ve had this bag, I’ve used it about two or three times a week. I’ve used the bag in rain, I’ve set it down on the ground, and I’ve also accidentally spilled coffee on it. It still looks brand new and its shape hasn’t been compromised. Five stars – it definitely lived up to my expectations.


VALUE: ☆☆☆☆

Not going to lie, the Lady bag is quite pricey. It’s a few hundred dollars more expensive than the bucket bag so you definitely have to LOVE it before you pull the trigger.


Overall, the Lady bag has lived up to its hype. I think it was worth the splurge, and the Neiman Marcus & Ebates discounts definitely didn’t hurt. Although Mansur Gavriel is a luxury designer, it’s still significantly cheaper than other brands, making this a great entry-level designer bag for bag enthusiasts.



The Mansur Gavriel Lady bag comes in four different sizes – mini mini ($545), mini ($795), regular ($945), and large ($1,350). You can purchase the Lady bags in suede, calf, saffiano, tumbled, and vegetable tanned leathers and in a vast array of colors.

The mini Lady bag measures approximately 8.5″ x 12″ x 4.5″.  My bag pictured here is in ‘Blush’. You can find pre-loved versions here (mini calf Rosa, $400), here (mini vegetable tanned Navy, $675), and here (regular vegetable tanned black, $760).

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