On the Street: Chloé Marcie Satchel


BW: I love your Marcie! Have you had your eye on this bag for a long time? 

J: Thanks! I’ve had my eye on the Marcie for about four years – so yeah, it’s taken me some time. It always takes me a while to decide to invest in a luxury piece. I also have an aversion to buying anything at face value even if I love it, which also draws out the purchasing process.


BW: Where did you finally end up buying it? Do you feel good about the purchase? 

J: I originally bought the bag in a grey color on somewhat of a whim earlier this year on Farfetch. I had been doing a lot of analysis leading up to buying the bag (including an Excel spreadsheet!) and thought I had made a good choice. However, when the bag arrived I didn’t feel excited about it and ultimately returned it back to Farfetch.


A few weeks later, I started tracking a few Marcies on Poshmark. I’ve never purchased anything from the app (I’ve only sold some stuff) so I was a little apprehensive at first. But they authenticate any item over $500 and there was free shipping so that sold me. When I saw this ivory Marcie come up on the app in excellent condition and at a good price (that I was able to negotiate down!), I knew I needed to get it. When it arrived, I wanted to start wearing it right away so I knew this one was a keeper!


BW: Since you also bought the grey one, what was it about this ivory one that made you like it more? 

J: When I saw the grey Marcie in person, it was darker than I had hoped. I typically carry a black bag and wanted something lighter that could also span across the seasons. At first I was a little nervous about a white bag getting dirty, but it’s doing great so far.


BW: Does this fit your everyday essentials? What about for work?

J: This Marcie (I think it’s the medium) fits all my staples – wallet, card case, keys, sunglasses, a hardcover book, snacks, and a stack of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons! It is just a bit too small for my work laptop because of its shape, so I only bring it to work occasionally. I do wear it all weekend long though.


BW: What do you like most about this bag?

J: This bag has a great story, which I learned about at the Chloé store during my research process. The Marcie was designed to be a “sporty” bag, with the stitching on the front resembling a saddle and the handles made to look like tennis rackets. I appreciate when luxury bags have a clear design story and a focus on details that you don’t really get with mass products.


I love how the Marcie balances elegance with the ‘everyday’. The leather quality and stitching are very refined, but the structure is a little bit more laid back so it can work for a range of situations. Functionally, I like the exterior pocket under the flap to hold your phone so you don’t have to unzip. The shoulder strap is also a nice addition.


BW: How about what you like least?

J: The zipper on the bag can open all the way – more like a jacket than a pair of jeans. I understand why Chloé did this – so you can open the bag all the way, but I find it a pain when the zipper unhooks and I have to put it back together.


BW: One last question! Did you have an overall good experience with Poshmark?

J: Yes! Like I mentioned, this bag was in mint condition and was authenticated by Poshmark. It also came with the dust bag and authenticity card. Buying through Poshmark takes a bit more diligence though, because you have to really examine the condition and decide if you’re going to try to negotiate the price. But Poshmark really does have a good selection, so I would definitely buy another luxury bag through them!



The Marcie comes in an array of styles, most notably the crossbody and satchel. The satchel comes in three sizes and the crossbody in two. J has the medium Marcie satchel which retails for $1,990 and comes in an array of colors

For pre-loved versions similar to J’s Marcie, shop here (black, $945), here (red, $975), and here (camel, $950).

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