On the Street: Fendi 2Jours Medium Satchel Tote

Fendi 2jours Tote 4

Bag Watch: I love how vibrant your bag is! Even though the 2Jours is a classic, I feel like I’ve never seen this bag in the wild. Why did you choose this bag and where’d you get it?

Xin: I bought the bag on a trip to Paris! I wasn’t planning on buying a bag but I saw it in the store and really liked it, so my friends encouraged me to splurge on a “serious” bag. I thought the design was simple, elegant, and big enough for a work bag.

Fendi 2jours Tote 1

BW: How did you select this size and color, since there are so many variations?

Xin: Since I wanted to use it for work, this was the only size that could fit papers and notebooks comfortably. When I was in the store, the other colors were black/white/grey, so this one really stood out to me. I thought the dark red color was bold but would also be easy to match with outfits.

Fendi 2jours Tote 2

BW: What do you think are the best and worst parts of this bag?

Xin: The best part is that it fits a lot of stuff, and is quite light for its size! The bad part is the shoulder strap is a bit thin, so if I really put in a lot of stuff in, it’s a huge strain on my shoulder. Also, the bag has only one skinny zipped compartment in the middle and the two bigger compartments on either side are wide open, with only a snap button to hold both sides together.

Fendi 2jours Tote 7

: So do you normally just use it for work? Has it held up well?

Xin: I’ve used it daily for work and school for a couple of years now. I put books and papers and even my Macbook in there. It’s held up pretty well, considering I don’t really take extra care of it.

Fendi 2jours Tote 3

BW: Do you recommend this bag to other people looking for a Fendi bag or would you recommend something different?

Xin: I think if you’re looking for a work bag or a more structured bag, I would recommend the 2Jours since it’s really light (compared to the Peekaboo), and I like the more structured look for work.

Fendi 2jours Tote 6

It does look a bit more “serious” (or classier) than the Peekaboo and 3Jours, but the other two bags close all the way, so those are some things to consider. A nice thing about the 2Jours is that you can get the tag on the bag monogrammed at a physical store. I like the look of the tag but don’t want to show my initials on the front, so I tie the tag backwards with the initials facing in.


The Fendi 2Jours primarily comes in two sizes: petite & medium. Xin’s 2Jours is in size medium (11” x 14” x 5”). The medium retails for $2,260 and comes in a variety of sizes and materials.

The medium red saffiano 2Jours is currently sold out, but you can find pre-loved versions here (red medium, $1,070), here (red petite, $970), or here (cherry medium, $900).

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