Review: Givenchy Antigona Mini Satchel


In celebration of ‘spring’ in New York City, I wanted to give a little shout-out to one of my favorite (and trending) color palettes: pastels! I naturally gravitate towards lighter colors and my wardrobe tends to fare the best in the spring/summer seasons…so I’m not really sure why I’m still living in NYC (where nor’easters like to hit on the first day of spring).

Anyway, because of my love for pastels, I picked up this mini Givenchy Antigona at Farfetch’s winter sale a few months ago. Antigonas really had their moment a few years back but I think this bag has seen enough love to reach cult status, and for that reason, I didn’t feel as guilty when I impulsively hit the purchase button.




I had done some passive research over the years on the Antigona since I loved the look of the bag, but saw many owners have polarizing feedback on whether or not they thought the Antigona was functional. Apparently the larger-sized Antigonas were incredibly heavy, so much so it even rendered the accompanying shoulder strap useless.

Since I could see myself using the medium Antigona for work, I knew it would be even heavier when I shoved my laptop in. The mini seemed like a safer option.


And I was right! The mini is not at all heavy even when I stuff it full. I can probably fit my phone, wallet, charger, miscellaneous trinkets, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, and a small S’well bottle in here easily. And since I tend to wear my mini bags mainly with a shoulder strap, the Antigona is definitely comfortable enough to be carried around all day.


The only drawback that I have seen so far is the brittleness and sharpness of the zipper. Every time I reach into my bag, I feel like my hand is being sliced open by the zipper’s teeth. It’s so bad that I have to ready the opening with one hand before I use my other hand to reach in. For that, I am deducting one full star.



While I think that the larger Antigonas can look a bit like bowling bags or doctor’s bags, I think that the mini is adorable. Just…super cute and perfect in a lighter shade.


When I was browsing Farfetch, I noticed that there was a baby pink mini Antigona also on sale. I was thiiiiis close to pulling the trigger on that bag, but I felt like light blue was probably significantly more versatile across seasons (spring, summer, winter) and with my wardrobe.


I definitely feel like I made the right choice – I’ve been able to wear this bag with everything from jeans and t-shirts to really girly dresses.

BUILD: ☆☆☆☆☆

I would be surprised if I had to give anything less than five stars for the craftsmanship on a designer bag, and the Antigona is no different. So I just wanted to call out something that surprised me in a good way.


The hooks that attach the removable shoulder strap to the bag are cleverly designed so that there isn’t a claw clasp, but rather a set of flat grooves in both the hook & ring that slide into each other and lock into place. This has proven to be pretty sturdy (my hook hasn’t accidentally slid out at all) and creates a cleaner, more streamlined look for the overall bag.



So I’ve only had the Antigona for a few months and can’t opine on the lifetime wear and tear. However, I’ve noticed that in this powder blue and calf leather combination, there is a bit of color transfer on the back of the bag even though I’ve been incredibly careful with not wearing denim and dark colors.


For someone who doesn’t want to baby their bags a lot and constantly clean and condition the leather, this is a bit of a downer. But I kind of anticipated this to happen when I bought it…so can I really complain? Either way, I’m deducting a full star for the color transfer.


VALUE: ☆☆☆☆

While this isn’t a particularly strong investment bag (well, most aren’t unless its Chanel, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton), I still think that because I love the bag so much, it’s worth it. I can see the cost per wear come down significantly over time since I can wear it across most seasons. At $1,790 this is definitely on the higher end for mini designer bags, but since I got it with a steep discount, I’m only going to deduct a full star.


I’m not going to lie though, not all versions of this bag will be worth it because of versatility and functionality issues, so plan carefully if you’re considering buying the Antigona in a vibrant color or a larger size.


The mini Antigona satchel measures approximately 7.5″ x 8.5″ x 5″.

The Antigona comes in a variety of materials (calf leather, nubuck, suede, exotics) and a range of staple & seasonal colors. Currently, the Antigona satchel is available only in three sizes: mini ($1,790), small ($2,290), and medium ($2,450). 

You can find my exact mini Antigona on sale here (light blue, $1,432) or pre-loved here ($1,402). Other selected mini Antigona picks: rose gold ($1,890), dove grey ($1,357), and light pink ($1,790).

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