On the Street: Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna Tote

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 4

Bag Watch: This looks like a great tote for work! How did you specifically pick this bag out?

Emma: I picked this Kate Spade beauty for work because I loved the neutral gray color and it had a laptop pouch – which was amazing.  I frequently bring my laptop to and from work and this made it super easy with the zipper pouch. My friend, that actually works at Kate Spade, mentioned to me that she thought this bag was perfect for work!

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 6

BW: Do you prefer the extra laptop pocket in this tote? Or would you rather have an open compartment tote?

Emma: I love the extra laptop compartment! It was one of the main reasons why I purchased this bag in the first place. Because of the zipper, I know my laptop will be safe during any type of weather and on the subway during my daily commute. I have other bags that are regular tote bags, but I don’t think my laptop and my documents are as protected as they are in this Kate Spade bag.

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 12Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 13Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 14

BW: What else do you usually pack in this bag? Do you only use it for work?

Emma: I usually put in my laptop, my notepad, folders, makeup bag, wallet and phone charger. Even with all of that, there’s still more room to pack more!

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 11

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 15

BW: Is this tote sturdy enough when you put everything you need in? How is the overall wear and tear?

Emma: Definitely! The straps are extremely durable and I know from experience with other totes that this bag can withstand a ton of weight. I’m never afraid the straps will give out and it’s even the perfect length to put on my shoulder, with my winter coat on. I’ve have had this bag for a year now and there are absolutely zero signs of wear.

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 8

BW: Do you find that this bag goes with everything?

Emma: It goes with 99% of my outfits. I tend to wear neutral colors myself but if I do wear color, the bag is grey so it goes perfectly with almost everything! Outside of work, I wear mostly athletic clothing and I find that they also look good together.

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 2

BW: Lastly, what do you like and dislike about this bag?

Emma: I love the outside of the bag including the color and the shine it gives off. In contrast, the pink interior with polka dots gives the bag a perfect balance – sophisticated but girly.  Another thing I love about this bag is its versatility! I love how I can just grab it and go, and it will look great with any and all of my outfits.

Kate Spade Carter Street Shawna 3


Emma’s Carter Street Shawna Tote is now sold out across all major retailers. You can find a pre-loved version here ($234).

For similar versions of the Shawna tote, I recommend checking out Kate Spade’s Carter Street Aliana Satchel Tote in Marshmallow and Black ($378).

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