On the Street: Saint Laurent Classic Medium Kate Chain Bag



BW: I love your bag! I’ve always wanted to get a Saint Laurent crossbody. What made you pick this one out?

May: Well, I’ve wanted a YSL bag since college but didn’t know which one to get or ask for as a gift. But when I moved to New York last year, I finally got around to picking one out – and I loved this one! I saved up for it and finally pulled the trigger this year.


BW: What do you usually use it for?

May: Mainly just for going out at night or for fancier date-night dinners. I try not to use it super often since it’s pretty expensive.


BW: One of the things that always held me back from getting a YSL crossbody was because of how narrow the bags look. I feel like I would only be able to use them if I didn’t need to carry a lot. Do you feel like its versatile enough?

May: I think so! The bag itself definitely holds more than enough – I think it looks deceptive from the outside. The chain also plays a big role. For me, I can wear the chain long and use it as an everyday cross-body, or double up the chain to make it shorter for fancier events.


BW: Why did you pick this Kate bag versus other designer bags?

May: I already have a large number of black, designer bags but I personally feel like you can never go wrong with another one! I didn’t have any Saint Laurent bags so I wanted to add to my collection.



BW: Haha, don’t we all? How does it compare to your other bags?

May: Aesthetically, I think it’s much more elegant than the other crossbodies in my collection. I also really like the classic “YSL” gold monogram detail on the front. It’s gorgeous and I absolutely love it!


BW: So what else do you like and dislike specifically about this bag?

May: I wasn’t sure about the size at first, but I like the size & shape of this bag because it’s actually perfect for my petite body. The rectangular shape of the bag also helps hold a ton of stuff – even oddly shaped things, like my make-up brushes. And I love the black and gold combination – I think it’s especially stunning with the chain.


However, the chain does get a little heavy on my shoulder when I’m wearing the bag for a long period of time. It’s also a little difficult to open the flap sometimes, so I’m not sure if the magnet is just super strong or if I’m just weak.

The Saint Laurent Classic Kate bag is available in three sizes and a variety of colors. There is also a tasseled version as well as a wallet-on-chain and a clutch variation to the Kate line.
May’s Medium Kate bag retails for $1,990. You can find pre-loved versions here (black & gold, $1,800), here (black & silver, $1,615). and here (rose clair & gold, $1,195).

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