On the Street: My Lady Dior

Hope you all had a wonderful and festive holiday season! I caught up with Jenny again to chat about her beautiful red My Lady Dior bag and customized strap. My Lady Dior is Dior’s new-(ish) take on the classic Lady Dior line. It features the classic cannage stitching but allows for the wearer to select three different badges that can be attached to the wide shoulder strap. 

My Lady Dior.jpg

Bag Watch: Let’s do something a little different than our last interview – tell me the first things that come to mind when I ask you the following questions! First, tell me your favorite thing about your Lady Dior?

Jenny: The color, I’ve been wanting a red bag since forever and this is like the perfect shade!

My Lady Dior 3

BW: And your least favorite thing about this bag?

Jenny: The shoulder strap slides off my shoulder sometimes – but that might just be because I have small shoulders.

My Lady Dior 8


BW: Favorite festive wardrobe color palette? 

Jenny: The outfit I’m wearing now! Camel coat, cream sweater, red skirt, and taupe over-the-knee boots.

My Lady Dior 6

BW: Best designer for festive bags, both contemporary, luxury, and high-street?

Jenny: Dior, Ted Baker, TopShop.

My Lady Dior 5

BW: Favorite store to window shop and purchase accessories during the holiday period?

Jenny: L’Occitane, Jo Malone, and Christmas pop up stands.

My Lady Dior 7

BW: Favorite way to wear this bag? 

Jenny: On my arm instead of using the strap. Outfit wise, with ivory sweaters!

My Lady Dior 2

BW: If this bag was an animal what would it be?

Jenny: Bengal kitten. It’s so graceful, delicate and feminine. It reminds me of the Lady Dior bag Lydia Millen (the Youtuber) just got…which reminds of of the new Bengal kitten she just got, haha.

My Lady Dior 11

BW: Are you wearing this bag for New Year’s Eve? If so, with what outfit?

Jenny: Yes! With an ivory sweater dress with black over-the-knee boots.

My Lady Dior 12

BW: Buy, Rent and Donate the following mini bags: Lady Dior, Gucci Sylvie, and Chloé Drew. 

Jenny: Buy Dior – it’s a classic and will never go out of style! Hmm…donate Gucci Sylvie, and rent Chloé Drew.

My Lady Dior 9

BW: And to end…just for fun, what’s the biggest fruit that you think can fit inside your Lady Dior? 

Jenny: A pomegranate?

My Lady Dior 10


You can personalize your own My Lady Dior Bag here. This bag is only available for purchase through Dior retail stands or shops. This bag currently comes in 12 different colors and 50 different pins. The My Lady Dior Small bag currently runs for $4,500. Pins are each $55.

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