On the Street: Dagne Dover Legend Tote


Bag Watch: Tell me a little about your tote! This is only my second time seeing a Dagne Dover tote in the wild.

A: I actually got this as a gift a year or so ago from my friend when I was graduating college. I had it pinned on my Pinterest board and I guess she saw it! I liked the idea of how everything had a compartment so I thought it would be perfect when I started working.


BW: Is it as functional and useful as you had hoped?

A: To be honest, this bag is great in theory. I liked the look of it as well online. But ever since I’ve received it, I’ve barely used it. I choose to carry it sometimes because it was an extremely thoughtful gift, but truthfully, there are SO many downsides to this bag.


BW: Wow, that’s interesting to hear! How so? What do you dislike about the bag?

A: The main thing is the weight! I know they made it super sturdy so it wouldn’t get battered, but this tote is so heavy. I only have a few notebooks and my thin Macbook Air in here and it’s already like carrying a dumbbell. If I put these things into my other totes, it wouldn’t be half as heavy as this. It’s not practical to use on a daily basis at all.



BW: It *is* heavy! But it looks like you’re still carrying it today, so what are some of its redeeming qualities?

A: Well, the organizational factor is helpful. I like how I can literally find a space for all of my things (even my water bottle!) when I use this tote. It’s also super spacious so I can literally cram it full if I’m traveling or something. Ironically, I never want to fill it up – it gets way too heavy to carry!


BW: Besides the weight, what else stands out to you about this tote?

A: The material is so thick – this is probably one of the only light colored bags I don’t mind putting on the ground. Also, I have to mention that the straps really dig into my arms. They’re this awkward length where they’re not long enough to fit comfortably on my shoulder.


BW: I have to ask…would you recommend this bag to anyone?

A: I would say no…but maybe it’s just the Dagne Dover tote in this size. I wonder if the smaller sizes are better.



The Dagne Dover Legend tote can be found directly through their main website here ($265). The tote’s body is made of coated canvas and features leather handles. 

The Legend tote comes in seven colors – A’s is in ‘Bleecker Blush’. Dagne Dover also makes smaller ‘Signature’ totes in three sizes: Classic ($245), Midi ($225), and Petite ($145). 

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