On the Street: Balenciaga Mini City

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 7

Bag Watch: Your bag is so cute! I love the City bags in general but this one is adorable. Tell me a little about how you got it.

M: Thank you! My mom got this for me as a 25th birthday present! Turns out that she had purchased it a few years back and was waiting for the right time to gift it to me.

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 2

BW: How did she know to pick this one out?

M: A little backstory… when I was in high school, I went shopping with my mom and she bought this denim and leather Balenciaga motorcycle bag and I thought it was the coolest bag ever. This was also during my Mary-Kate Olsen grunge phase; so the rugged, hardcore classic Balenciaga look was everything to me. When they came out with the smaller, pastel-hued versions a few years later, I jokingly requested it – not thinking at all that my mom would go out and get one for me!

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 4

BW: Sounds like your momma is one fashionable lady! Do you think that this bag is easy to style and use on an every day basis?

M: Yeah, I do think that this is an extremely versatile bag when it comes to styling because of the contrasting bag structure and color. The motorcycle style gives it an edgy flair which makes it easy to throw on with everything, while the soft lilac hue softens the look and gives it a more playful, feminine vibe.

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City

BW: Seems like you grab this bag for every occasion then.

M: Hah yeah, but just a little disclaimer, in my day-to-day style, I don’t care what clashes and what matches as long as it feels right to me. So this bag would have worked out with everything in my closet anyway.

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 8

BW: What else do you like about the bag?

M: I like how soft and supple the leather is! It softens the edginess of the bag as well and is also very easy to take care of.

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 3

BW: Has anything not lived up to your high-school expectations?

M: Hahaha, well it’s not as roomy as I would like it to be. I think it could be a bit bigger, although it is just enough for the essentials.

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 6

Balenciaga Purple Lilac Mini City 5


Balenciaga has City bags in a whole range of sizes and color/hardware combinations. This Mini City is seasonal and can no longer be purchased. However, depending on season, Balenciaga will release limited-edition colored mini City bags – so check back often if you’re on the market for one in a pastel shade.

You can find the current mini City bags here (black classic mini City, $1650) and here (black metallic edge mini City, $1,890). Pre-loved versions are also available here (rose hortensia giant mini City, $1,010), here (classic grey mini City, $1,200), and here (Maldives blue mini City, $1,000).

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