On the Street – Gucci Mini Chain Sylvie

Gucci Mini Sylvie 10

Bag Watch
: Your bag is so cute! I’ve seen the Sylvie on display in Gucci for a while now but never took a closer look. How did you stumble across this bag and why did you pick it out?Jenny: I recently went on a trip to China and met up with friends who also love designer goods. They’re all bag obsessed and talk about their collections all the time. One of them told me about the Gucci Sylvie bag and I thought it too cute to not get!

Gucci Mini Sylvie 5

BW: How do you like it so far?

Jenny: I love it! I feel like it’s really easy to match with different outfits. I also think the size is perfect for someone of my frame. It’s pretty light too which is important for me. And it also has really feminine details like the gold toned chain, the buckle, and the cute bow on the side. I think it really suits my personality.

Gucci Mini Sylvie 1

BW: To be honest, it looks quite small – do you feel like it holds enough? What do you usually keep inside?

Jenny: I usually carry with me an iPhone, a small Louis Vuitton wallet, a lipstick and my keys. I’m a minimalist so I don’t like to carry a whole lot of stuff, but I think I could comfortably fit a few more small makeup items into the bag. I usually use my Sylvie bag when I’m exploring the city so it’s perfect for that!

Gucci Mini Sylvie 7

BW: Is there anything about the bag that you dislike?

Jenny: There’s nothing I dislike too much, but I do find a little annoying that I have to keep adjusting the bow so that it looks good and not wilted.

Gucci Mini Sylvie 9

BW: How’s the overall wear and tear on this bag so far?

Jenny: I’ve only used it about twice so I can’t really say, but I was surprised by how sturdy the leather feels. I hope the white color doesn’t get dirty too easily, so only time will tell. But I like it so much I think I want the red one now too!

Gucci Mini Sylvie 11


The Gucci Sylvie comes in 6 different size styles (mini $2,350, mini chain $1,980, shoulder $2,590, top handle $3,100, maxi top handle $4,800, and belt $1,980). Currently, the mini chain version comes in 6 color combinations for $1,980.

The mini chain Sylvie is 7.5″W x 5.5″H x 3″D.

You can find pre-loved versions here: mini hibiscus red ($1,750), mini chain black ($1,795), mini chain white ($1,920).

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