On the Street: Chloé Small Motty Grey Nile

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 8

Bag Watch: I know bloggers love this bag but this is the first time I’ve seen the Chloé Nile out in the wild! How did you stumble across this bag and why did you pick it out?

S: I’ve always liked Chloé for its chic, bohemian look but I first saw this bag last year when the Spring/Summer ’17 collection came out. I fell in looove with the gold bracelet hardware and the details of the bag. I’ve been on the hunt for a bag that was casual but also appropriate for evening wear – and the Chloé Nile was perfect! It’s cute, trendy, elegant but also functional. I carry this bag with the bracelet as top handle, with the straps attached or detached, or as a crossbody.

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 4

BW: How do you like the bag so far? What do you like specifically?

S: I’m super happy about this purchase! I love this bag, it’s the perfect combination of a purse and jewelry. I love how the gold hardware lays flat on the flap when carried as a shoulder bag/crossbody and acts as an added detail. I went with the Motty Grey color so I can carry it throughout the year – and I love how I can dress it up and down. The bag itself is very feminine and chic, and since I’m more of a white T-shirt & denim girl, I like how the bag acts as a statement piece.

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 6

BW: What do you usually put in the bag and use it for? How much can fit inside?

S: The bag is actually pretty small, but is still sturdy. I usually toss in my iPhone 6, card case, keys, lipstick and my earphones, and it quickly becomes full. There’s also a slip pocket inside and sometimes I just stuff in my credit and metro cards there instead of carrying my card case.

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 11

BW: Is there anything about the bag that fell short of expectations or that you found that you disliked?

S: Hmm, I guess the one thing that’s slightly disappointing is how the leather gets creased when I open the bag. The flap has a snap closure but when the gold hardware is laying flat and I try to open the bag, it’s inevitable for the leather to crease where the hardware sits. But it’s not like a HUGE deal since the hardware covers the crease.

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 9

BW: How’s the wear and tear and do you find the quality good for a luxury bag?

S: Other than the crease I mentioned above, it’s definitely well made. The leather is smooth and sturdy. And I was worried that the gold hardware would chip in some areas at some point, but so far it looks perfect!

Chloe Small Nile Motty Grey 5

BW: Any other parting thoughts on the Nile?

S: I was actually eyeing the Faye bag-pack for awhile before the Nile came out, and had the biggest dilemma…BUT I’m so glad I went with the Nile! It has become my go-to purse for the weekends. (The Faye bag-pack is still on my list though!)


The Chloé Nile comes in an assortment of colors and in three sizes (Medium $1,690, Small $1,550, and Minaudière $1,450).

Since the Nile is still a somewhat ‘new’ handbag release, there are only a handful of pre-loved bags on the market: Small ‘Biscotti Beige’ ($1,300), Small ‘Black’ ($1,390).

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