On the Street: Tory Burch T Satchel

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 2

Bag Watch: I love your bag! It’s so vibrant. How did you end up picking this bag?

Joyce: I was shopping with a friend in Bloomingdale’s and she mentioned how much she loved the bright color! I immediately fell in love but hesitated to buy it. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I went back the next day and bought it.

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 5

BW: How do you like it so far?

Joyce: I love this bag – it’s bright but understated. I really like how simple and classic the shape is. For a Tory Burch bag, this one surprisingly has no flashy logos.

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 3

BW: What do you usually put in the bag and use it for?

Joyce: I use it as my everyday work bag. It can fit a lot more stuff than it looks. I keep pretty much everything – sunglasses, wallet, keys, lip balm and other essential items in there. Sometimes, I even stuff an extra scarf or cardigan in the bag and it fits just fine!

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 4

BW: Is there anything about the bag that fell short of expectations or that you dislike?

Joyce: My only complaint, if I had to pick one, is that the bag doesn’t stand up well on its own so when I put it down, I usually have to lean it against something so it doesn’t fall over.

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 6

BW: How’s the wear and tear?

Joyce: The quality of the leather is pretty good, so even after half a year, there was very little wear and tear besides on the bottom four corners (and even that’s not very noticeable).

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba 7

BW: Any other comments and thoughts?

Joyce: Overall this is one of my favorite everyday bags. It’s great for both work and weekend wear!

Tory Burch T Satchel Samba


Joyce’s T Satchel is available from Tory Burch and most major department stores and comes in a host of colors for $495. The ‘Samba’ is now sold out on Tory Burch but is available on second hand retailers: here ($349) and here ($395).


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