On the Street: Marc Jacobs Trooper Backpack

Marc Jacobs Trooper Backpack.jpg

Bag Watch: I love your necklace and your backpack! I’ve been looking for a good travel and everyday backpack for a while now, how do you like yours?

Nana: Thank you! I just got the necklace in Greece and actually used this backpack when traveling. It was very easy to use and fits a lot of stuff inside.

Marc Jacobs Trooper Backpack 3

BW: I was considering a leather backpack but nylon seems more practical and versatile. Do you like the material and has it held up well?

Nana: I love the material! It’s very light weight and sturdy. I could walk around all day with it when traveling. I kept my sunglasses, jacket, wallet and everything else inside. It looks really small and compact but it holds a lot and doesn’t feel too heavy.

BW: Do you use it for the gym too?

Nana: No, not really – just for traveling and an everyday bag. For the gym I use a bigger bag!

Marc Jacobs Trooper Backpack 2

BW: Is there anything you dislike about it?

Nana: [laughs] No! I love everything about it so much that I have it in two colors. There’s this one in black and one in blue with a pattern on it. I just love Marc Jacob’s new designs!

BW: Yeah – I definitely feel like his style has totally changed and elevated since he eliminated his Marc by Marc Jacobs line.


You can find the Trooper backpack at major retailers in a variety of colors. Nana is wearing the black nylon version which you can find here ($275). 

Other picks: burgundy nylon ($193), fuchsia nylon ($340), and embellished patch navy nylon ($297). For those of you looking for a similar backpack in leather, this one ($495) is also by Marc Jacobs and is embellished with zippers!

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