On the Street: 3.1 Phillip Lim Suede Medium Pashli

Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Suede Salmon 7

Bag Watch: I love the color of your bag! I spotted it a mile away. Tell me about how you got your Pashli.

J: Thanks! I actually picked it up at the Phillip Lim sample sale last year. My friend dragged me along to the sale and actually made a beeline for this bag – it was the last Pashli on the floor! She told me that if I didn’t buy it, she was definitely going to. I LOVED the color so I just bought it on the spot, even though it didn’t come with the shoulder strap.

Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Suede Salmon 11

BW: It’s super cute! But since it’s suede, do you feel like the bag holds up well?

J: Honestly, I am super terrified of the color rubbing off onto my clothes and also having discolored suede. Everything has been fine so far, but I mean… that’s also because I baby this bag like no other.

Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Suede Salmon 4

BW: Do you think this bag holds enough? I definitely struggle with how much I can fit into mine.

J: I like the size! It holds enough – my work laptop can fit inside. I think this bag looks girly and petite but yet is surprisingly spacious.

Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Suede Salmon

BW: Do you feel like you would spring for the mini Pashli if you got a chance?

J: Oh, most definitely. I love this bag and I think the mini is super cute. I also appreciate how many colors and leather combinations it comes in.

You can find my full review on the medium Pashli here.


The Pashli comes in three sizes and an array of color, material, and hardware combinations. You can find the latest season’s collection here.

J is carrying the medium Pashli in suede salmon. You can find a pre-loved version here ($640). Some other personal favorites: medium ‘feather’ ($895), mini ‘hyacinth’ purple ($437), medium soft pink ($626).

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