On the Street: Loeffler Randall Metallic Studded Rider Satchel

Grabbed dinner with one of my friends this weekend and she had the Rider satchel! I got super excited and wanted to compare our experiences with the bag. You can read my review here


Bag Watch: I love the studs! I know Loeffler Randall makes the Rider in so many variations and sizes but how did you pick this one out?

L: I was at the Rent the Runway sample sale last year (by the way, this is coming up again on April 25th!) and nabbed it before the handbag section was decimated. I really liked the studs but was deciding between that and another black tote. In the end, I decided to go with style over function!


BW: Do you feel like it’s versatile? And do you use it a lot?

L: It’s lightweight but still roomy and goes with most things in my closet because it’s black! But because of the silver accents I’d never pair it with certain outfits that call for gold jewelry.


BW: what do you like about the bag?

L: I mean generally speaking it’s a really easy bag to use – the shoulder strap makes it super convenient to just grab and go. I also like how I can hold the top handle if I want to change up my look. And I think it’s super edgy because of the studs!


BW: What do you think could be better? Are you bothered by how sharp the edges of the top handle hooks are?

L: No, only you are! Haha. I’m bothered by the clasp becoming undone sometimes but that’s because I bought it second hand. Also, it sometimes slips off my shoulder depending on my coat situation.


BW: Do you recommend buying ‘pre-loved’? Would you have preferred to buy it new?

L: Oh yeah, I would 99% prefer to buy it new. I think there’s light, slightly noticeable scuffing across the leather which was there when I bought it. But you just can’t beat the feeling of scoring a good deal!


This Rider satchel is no longer available for purchase. However, you can rent it for use from Rent the Runway ($100, 4-days).

You can also shop for the latest season’s collection of the Rider online. Some lovely spring picks: medium Rider in ‘Beauty‘ ($525, take 25% off if you’re enrolled with Shopbop’s loyalty program), medium Rider in ‘Natural‘ ($333, 20% off), and mini Rider in Ivory ($425, 20% off).

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