On the Street: Gucci Soho Disco Crossbody

Gucci Disco Soho

Bag Watch: I love how bright your bag is! Tell me a little about how you picked this out.

Sarah: Yeah it’s fuchsia! It’s actually my mom’s – we both really like luxury bags. I was looking for a crossbody and this one was nice because it was a little bigger.

Gucci Disco Soho 2

BW: The Disco is one of those bags that gets a lot of love – is it as functional as everyone says it is?

Sarah: Well, I like this bag a lot because it’s really easy to get into. The zipper is smooth and I don’t have to struggle with opening the bag. I have a Burberry crossbody that has a snap closure and it’s not as easy to reach into as it is with this one. This bag is definitely more accessible.

It also holds everything! I have my wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys, and a little cosmetic pouch inside right now. It’s great for everyday and for the weekend.

Gucci Disco Soho 5

BW: Is there anything specifically you don’t like about the bag?

Sarah: I like to wear my crossbody bags on my shoulder so this bag does tend to slide off. I have pretty narrow shoulders too so it happens a lot with this bag.

Gucci Disco Soho 6

BW: I usually never see the Disco in patent – how does it hold up in terms of quality?

Sarah: I’ve never had a problem with Gucci. In fact, out of all the bags I’ve had, my favorites have always been my Gucci bags or my Chanel. The patent itself holds up really well. This bag is super versatile – I don’t have to worry about it, I can wear it when it’s raining… And I love the bright pop of color – it’s perfect for this season!

Gucci Disco Soho 4


Sarah’s Disco in patent Fuchsia is sold out. You can find pre-loved versions here ($750), here ($810), and here ($585). 

Gucci has largely migrated away from their Soho collection – they are, however, still selling the Disco bag in three colors: black, red, and rose beige for ($980).

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