On the Street: Patent Lady Dior Bag


Bag Watch: Tell me the story behind your Lady Dior!

S: I bought the bag in Paris in 2008! I was on vacation there with my family and wanted to buy a designer handbag. I was debating between the Lady Dior, the Chanel medium flap, and a few other bags but didn’t really know what I wanted at the time since I didn’t know as much about handbags back then. But when I saw the bag, I fell in love with it!


BW: What drew you to the bag?

S: I loved the neutral color, the shape of the bag (very structured and ladylike!), and the gold charms on the handle. I also liked that the bag was a classic icon and named after Princess Diana. I specifically bought the bag in patent leather, so it wouldn’t stain as easily. A sales associate at Dior also mentioned to me a couple years ago that Dior no longer makes that particular color of gold metal (apparently the metal on the bags today is a lighter gold), so that’s something unique about the bag!


BW: What do you usually use this bag for?

S: To be honest, I’ve only been using the bag for a couple years and primarily in the summer. I mainly use it when I go to brunch, afternoon tea, social events, etc.


BW: Do you have any other likes and dislikes?

S: I love how beautiful it is. I think it looks like a work of art! But I don’t really like that it’s hard to find occasions to use. It’s not really a nighttime bag (and I’d be afraid to take it out at night anyways). It has a shoulder strap, which makes it more versatile, but I generally don’t use the bag when I’m carrying a lot of things. Because of the boxy shape, it’s also hard to find and pull things out of the bag when I’m in a rush. But it still fits quite a lot! I’m able to put in my sunglasses, phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, etc.



S is carrying the medium Lady Dior bag in patent nude leather and gold hardware. This combination (with the old gold hardware) is no longer sold through Dior’s main collection. You can find the full line of Lady Dior bags in boutique stores – preview the bags online here. The medium size currently retails for $4,100.

For pre-loved versions of this bag, you can find similar bags here ($2,400 medium Rose Poudre lambskin), here ($1,610 medium black lambskin), and here ($1,725 medium white patent).

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