On the Street: Gucci GG Marmont Backpack


Bag Watch: I absolutely love your bag! It reminds me of Sailor Moon. What made you decide to get this bag?

Jessie: Hahaha, it does look like a Sailor Moon bag! Well, this design is really different for Gucci. I thought it was super young and cute so I really, really wanted it.


BW: I think this bag was really difficult to get a hold of, right?

Jessie: Yeah! I saw this bag online at first and loved it. But it was so hard to find! The only place I could find it was at a department store… I think Saks or Nordstrom? So I placed an order immediately and had to wait a month for it to come back into stock and be delivered to me.

BW: Are you usually drawn towards backpacks?

Jessie: No, I don’t usually wear backpacks at all – I really only got this bag for the cute design.


BW: Is it an everyday bag? How much can you put into it?

Jessie: Yeah, I think it can be an everyday bag. Even though it looks pretty small, it holds a lot of stuff. It’s also not very heavy so you can definitely carry it around comfortably.

BW: Is there anything you dislike about it?

Jessie: Mmmm, the only thing is that the chain is sometimes tight and just a little painful to wear.



Jessie is carrying the GG Marmont Leather Backpack that is no longer available for purchase through major retailers and Gucci’s own distribution channels. There is one available pre-loved on Tradesy for $3,599. This bag originally retailed for $2,290.

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