On the Street: State Smith Backpack


Bag Watch: I love how different this backpack is! Where’s it from?

Mike: This is a backpack from STATE! I was looking for a nice leather bag that I could use for work and play. I was initially looking into luxury brands so I naturally picked up GQ. When I was browsing, one of the backpacks caught my eye and I realized it was actually surprisingly affordable!


BW: Since this brand was new to you, what pushed you to take the plunge and buy it?

Mike: I hadn’t heard of STATE before so I did some research. I looked into its background and read about its take on CSR (corporate social responsibility) and #GiveBackPack. Education is really important to me so I was immediately sold. It was the bag I was looking for, with an extra plus!


BW: I love the community giveback focus. What else do you like about this bag?

Mike: I love, love, love black. And I’ve been into rose gold accents lately. And this bag is just that! I also like the bag size – it’s small and light enough for me to carry around the city on a daily basis.


BW: Anything not up to par with what you’d expect?

Mike: Sometimes I pack my bag for a day of roaming around the city. I stuff in my MacBook, S’well water bottle, cycling shoes, gym clothes, toiletry bag, etc. I could use a little extra bag space for those days. The extra little not-so-secret side zipper is good for small things like my lip balm, but not much else.


The Smith backpack is no longer sold in the black leather & rose-gold hardware combination. You can find the latest selection here for $235.

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