On the Street: Ferragamo Sandrine Double Gancio Shoulder Bag


Bag Watch: I love your bag! It’s so vivid and fun.

Amanda: Yeah, I love that it’s super bright and pink. I always pick bags with color.

BW: What made you choose this bag over other Ferragamo bags?

Amanda: Honestly, I really just picked it for the color since it was so bold and pink!


BW: Do you feel like this bag holds a lot or do you consider it to be more of an errand bag?

Amanda: It definitely fits tons of stuff and it actually has an accordion feature inside. The bag expands and stretches out so I can put a lot more in. The strap is also adjustable so you can make it a crossbody or a shoulder bag which makes it a lot more convenient.


BW: Is there anything you think could be better?

Amanda: No not really, I really love the bag. It never scratches or anything either because of the saffiano leather, so that’s a plus.


Amanda is carrying the medium sized Sandrine Double Gancio shoulder bag in ‘Anemone Pink’. This particular bag is no longer sold online through Ferragamo’s website and has been phased out of many retailers’ collections. The only currently available listing is on Ebay ($599). 

You can still find Sandrine bags in other colors and sizes from discount luxury retailers like Bluefly (medium ‘Blue’, $670) and pre-loved sites like Tradesy (medium ‘Black’, $728) and 1stdibs (small ‘Brown’, $475).

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