On the Street: Saint Laurent Monogram Matelessé Shoulder Bag

In the midst of my excitement, I forgot to ask this beautiful lady what her name was! My sincerest apologies. If you’re reading this, give me a shout and I’ll publish your name! 


Bag Watch: Gorgeous bag! It reminds me of Saint Laurent’s classic wallet on chain bags. Tell me what you like about it.

Anonymous: I’m actually not sure what the name of the bag is…but I do love it a lot! I definitely don’t use this as a work bag since it doesn’t really fit a ton of stuff in it. But it is the perfect bag for the weekends. I can fit a larger wallet, my phone, and a few other things in, which is enough for walking around the city.


BW: Do you only wear it like a crossbody normally?

Anonymous: No, I wear it on my shoulders too! I can wear it normally on one side or shorten the straps and make it into a shoulder bag. Having both options is pretty cool.




This lovely lady is carrying the Saint Laurent Matelessé Monogram shoulder bag in ‘Nude’. Saint Laurent refers to the size of this bag as ‘large’, but other various retailers make no mention of the size as at all. Bag dimensions: 12.1″W x 8.6″H x 2.9″D.

You can find this shoulder bag at major department stores like Saks (‘Nude’ $2,590) and Bergdorf Goodman (‘Dark Beige’ $2,590). Saint Laurent’s website also has the latest season’s offering in Black ($2,590). 

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