On the Street: Céline Belt Bag


Bag Watch: Tell me about your Céline! I love the belt bag but haven’t seen many people carry it.

Kendall: I just got it actually and I really like it! I got the red one at first but went back to exchange it for black. This was actually the last one in the store.


BW: I think this is pebbled leather right? And the medium?

Kendall: Yeah, it’s the medium. It fits most of my things well since I use it as an every day bag. I usually just put my wallet and water bottle inside, so I like how it’s not heavy. I thought it would be much heavier since the Phantom is really heavy. And I picked this leather since the other ones scratch easily.


BW: Is there anything you dislike about it?

Kendall: Not really, no…at first it was tough to open but I got used to it. I think it’s a classic but trendy bag. And it goes with everything!


You can purchase the Céline Belt bag in an array of sizes from ‘mini’ to ‘large’ in brick and mortar Céline stores (list here) or in person through stockists like Barney’s and select Nordstroms

Kendall is carrying the Medium Belt Bag in Black Pebbled Leather. You can find an assortment of pre-loved Belt Bags online through secondhand retailers. A few available offerings: Mini Belt Bag in White ($1,895), Small Belt Bag in Taupe ($1,485), and Small Belt Bag in Black ($1,935).

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