Review: Patricia Chang Donut Crossbody



Anyone that knows me well enough understands exactly how much I love donuts. Even at work, my colleagues decided to forgo my birthday cake in favor of a dozen assorted donuts from Dough. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, the gravity of me owning this handbag should shine through. I’m OBSESSED with this bag.

After I photographed Melody with her french toast crossbody, I dove head first into ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Patricia Chang’s entire handbag line. Let me tell you, the phrase ‘head over heels’ doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for her whimsical designs. In comparison to other contemporary designers, Patricia Chang has developed a style that is really one of a kind. The closest style dupe that comes to mind is the ‘Caution to the Wind’ collection from Kate Spade (like this monkey crossbody & polar bear clutch). That being said, I was definitely more eager to support an up and coming New York designer that offered a DONUT handbag.


This beaut was actually a Christmas present from my boyfriend after he saw me obsessing over it for several months. I’ve carried this bag nonstop since Christmas day and totally believe this deserves an in-depth review, especially since I personally was on the fence about the functionality of Patricia Chang’s designs.



I didn’t expect much from this bag to be honest. I knew the only reason I wanted it so badly was because it was pretty and different. The circular and flat shape of the bag already set my expectations very low for the bag’s functionality. However, I was definitely surprised with how much actually fit inside the bag. I was a bit skeptical when Melody mentioned that her french toast crossbody held a lot of stuff, but I have to agree that these oddly shaped bags are less problematic than imagined. I can comfortably run errands and spend a whole day out with this bag and that, to me, is already exceeding expectations. On a normal basis, I am able to fit my iPhone 6, keys, card wallet (there are slots on the interior for your cards as well!), portable charger, and a few cosmetic items (lip balm, bobby pins, and hand creme). That being said, this handbag was not designed to maximize utility, so you do have to think ahead about your day when you want to carry it out. I am deducting a full star only for the objective fact that this bag does restrict my ease of use with a) how I put my items into the bag and b) how much it actually holds.



I don’t think I need to repeat this again but I LOVE how cute this bag is. I love the pink ‘icing’. I love the little crystal appliques as sprinkles. I loooooove this bag.

I didn’t expect this bag to pair well with the majority of my closet since it does have so many colors happening all at once. To play it safe, I’ve been wearing it against white, cream, and similar candy-colored hues. That’s worked well since I have so many neutrals in my wardrobe, but I’ll definitely need to put some thought into integrating this bag into more outfits. This isn’t a huge deal to me though since I knew going in that this bag would clash with some of my closet.

The only true quip I have, that I am deducting half a star for, is about some of the sprinkles. This is very nit-picky and I’m aware that it’s truly just my own opinion, but I really dislike the color orange (I did say that this issue was very nit-picky!). I wish the orange ‘sprinkles’ were replaced by appliques in another pastel color.



The body of this bag is made with pieces of tan pebbled leather neatly stitched together. I like how seamless the edges look since this is usually tricky to achieve on circular designs. I was also worried that the pink ‘icing’ would just look like a thick piece of leather slapped onto the front, but it was actually very well bonded to the tan leather body.

I am deducting a full star for the strap. Perhaps I received an anomaly, but I had multiple issues with the strap. The clasps at the end were really stiff and I had a hard time getting them to lock onto the D-ring on the body. After I did get it to lock in, the clasp wouldn’t close fully unless I forced it shut. This became an issue when it would pop open itself and lock onto the little hole on the zipper. The first time this happened, I was a little bewildered as to why I couldn’t unzip my bag easily. But now, my solution has been to make sure I force the clasp to close tightly and also to leave my bag unzipped half an inch from the end (where the clasp and zipper meet). I think it’d also be nice if the strap was longer or had another notch to adjust for the length since I’m currently using it at the last hole.

All my quips in this category are with the strap, so you could potentially swap it out for another one. Or maybe I’m the only one experiencing the clasp issues? Either way, I find the build of the bag itself to be just fine so the strap does not at all deter me from carrying this bag.



When taking photos of this bag, I hung it on a tree for a shot (this was a terrible idea in hindsight but made for a beautiful photo!). The leather actually remained scratch-free from the rough branches, which was a relief. The clear circle on the front has also remained completely scratch-free, which was a great surprise since I was convinced it would immediately accumulate scuffs. I have not babied this bag at all so I feel like it’s held up extremely well for the short time I’ve had it, which is a good indication of its long-term wear and tear.


VALUE: ☆1/2

It’s usually very hard for me to stomach purchasing whimsical, non-staple bags. This crossbody was definitely one of those items where I personally couldn’t justify buying since I only wanted it for how cute it was. Thankfully, because I received it as a gift, I was able to enjoy the bag and realize how wrong some of my initial expectations were. In retrospect, now that I know it fits into my lifestyle well, I definitely would have bought this a lot earlier.

This crossbody normally retails for $325 but was on sale for $162 during the holidays. If whimsical, cute, and colorful is your style, I would pull the trigger on buying a Patricia Chang bag. This handbag has exceeded my expectations and honestly it just makes me happy by looking at it.



The donut crossbody is currently sold out, but other Patricia Chang bags are up for grabs on Shopbop & her personal shop

A few personal picks: Lavendar Cat crossbody ($162), French Toast crossbody ($325), Croissant crossbody($325), Cat card case ($50).

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