First Impressions: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC


Truthfully speaking, the Mini MAC by Rebecca Minkoff may be this generation’s most accessible crossbody. This bag is so ubiquitous that I was actually a little off-put by how often I would see this little number slung over someone’s shoulder in New York.

However, living in NYC also means I have the chance to go to plenty of sample sales – and who can pass those up? Rebecca Minkoff’s bi-annual event took place last month at 260 Sample Sale (they rotate different brands in and out) and I, of course, had to go. At first glance – it seemed like there were only seasonal colors for all of the major RM staples (e.g. Mini MAC’s, Love crossbodies, Moto satchels). I saw metallics, holographics, bright pinks & yellows, but not many classic colors. There were a few winners though – like this optic white Mini MAC! I held on to it but was skeptical as to if $75 per bag was the best value on the last day of a sample sale. Prices are usually slashed to 75% off or more!

I was just about to let this baby go – literally at the coat rack grabbing my stuff to leave – when the manager announced that all clothes, shoes, and handbags had been further reduced. So long story short, I ended up with this beautiful white Mini MAC (among other things)!



I will flesh this into a full review as time passes – but at this point in time I think I have a pretty good understanding of the Mini MAC.


For what it is, the Mini MAC holds a surprising amount as a crossbody. I didn’t expect much since the body is pretty slim and I didn’t think I would be able to fit much in. However, I was pleasantly surprised – the bag actually holds a lot more than I anticipated! I was able to squeeze in my bulky shooting camera, iPhone 6, a few miscellaneous lip balms and hand creams, wallet, keys, external phone charger and cord, and a small hand sanitizer.


That being said, the only useful part of the bag is the big main pocket that you access from the top. The clip on the front can be unclasped and has a zipper underneath the front flap but I don’t really see the functionality in this section. It’s a pain to get your stuff in and out and it only really holds small, flat items. Anything else creates lumpiness in the leather that distorts the bag’s shape. I’m deducting half a star because there is only one truly functional area in this bag.



The Mini MAC is so clean and simple that any of the color/hardware combinations work extremely well together. I personally really wanted to get this bag in white because it fills a specific need in my bag collection. I have a few crossbodies I switch between – black, tan, and yellow (for the summer!) – and there are a few outfits where none of these other bags work well with.


However, I’m just not entirely certain that there’s anything super special about this bag! Nothing about the bag blows my mind. Perhaps if the clasp served more functionally I would find this design to be a lot more exciting. I’m also not a huge fan of the dangly leather strips… it looks off to me even though it is useful. Without these leather strips, the zippers are a bit more difficult to grasp when getting into the bag. There is a disconnect between the aesthetics and functionality of this bag – certain details meant for decoration hinder the functionality and vice versa. For that reason, I am deducting a full star.

BUILD: ☆☆☆☆1/2

The pebbled leather is nice complement to this color – I don’t think optic white would’ve worked well with the other leathers that are used in variations of the Mini MAC. I did see some dents in the leather – but that may just have been because of how they stored the bags at the sample sale. These dents will probably fade over time, but I am deducting half a star for that now.


I am a big fan of the hardware – Rebecca Minkoff does an excellent job of create a vast array of Mini MAC color/hardware combinations and this silver hardware does not disappoint. I haven’t seen any scratches to the hardware yet and it’s stayed incredibly shiny since my purchase. You can also remove the strap to use this crossbody as a clutch, but I don’t really see how that would work – to me, it would be bulky and unappealing.


There are two areas of concern that I’ve noticed so far. The leather strips on the zippers are very flaky – I can see bits of white fall off from the side that has been treated (the other side is raw). I’m not sure if this will be a huge dealbreaker going forward, but Rebecca Minkoff does include a replacement piece of leather with the bag at the time of purchase.

The other thing I noticed was that I had a bit of color transfer onto the back side of the Mini MAC. I’m actually very curious as to what article of clothing could’ve done this since I feel like all my dark colored pants have never done this before. I did buff it out with a white vinegar/water solution and that seemed to do the trick. This problem is only relevant to light colored bags so if you are looking at a dark/black Mini MAC, this shouldn’t be an issue!

As for durability: pending investigation – will update in the future!


VALUE:  ☆☆☆☆1/2

I don’t think I would’ve picked this bag up if it hadn’t been at the sample sale. $195 isn’t a huge number for a handbag, but for this specific crossbody, I couldn’t have justified it otherwise. I’m not mind blown by this bag so I felt very happy getting this bag for under $75 – which is an absolute steal. It is an easy errand bag and the cost per wear will definitely pay off in no time.

I would give my personal experience 5-stars for value, but I have deducted half a star if you were to purchase this bag full price. I think there are other crossbodies out there that do a better job for $195.




You can find the full range of the current season’s Mini MAC’s on Rebecca Minkoff. They are priced between $130 to $225 depending on the color and hardware combination. 

Similar Mini MAC in antique white with black hardware here ($195).

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