On The Street: Chanel Classic Flap Bag


BW: Tell me a little about how you got your Chanel bag!

Lin: It was always on my bucket list to visit Paris one day! So when I got the chance to go earlier this year, I absolutely fell in love with the city – the architecture, the food, and especially the fashion. I knew I needed to buy something to commemorate my time in Paris – especially from a brand that represented the city. I also wanted something that would remain a timeless accessory. Everything pointed to buying a Chanel bag!


BW: So why specifically the double flap?

Lin: I had my eyes on the small classic flap with silver hardware – I think the size complements my height very well. I love the compartments on the inside, which help me separate the things I usually carry with me (the small will fit my small wallet, phone, and lipgloss)!


BW: How did you make that choice between caviar and lambskin?

Lin: I chose the caviar leather – living in the city, I felt that it would be more durable vs. lambskin leather. I didn’t want to worry about whether my bag would be prone to scratches.


BW: Are there any things about the bag that you dislike?

Lin: The only downside for me is the length of the chain. I usually carry the bag on my shoulder, but would love the option to wear it as a cross-body bag. Though it can be done, it doesn’t sit as low as I’d like (the bottom of the bag sits above my hips). Overall though, I absolutely love the handbag. It really elevates any outfit!





Chanel flap bags are notorious for having price increases – if you are interested in purchasing a Chanel, it may be in your best interest to purchase sooner than later. The classic flap bags are purchasable year round (and will never be phased out). They come in a range of colors, sizes, leathers, and hardware. 

More information on the classic flaps here ($4,700). You can find similar pre-loved bags here ($2,400, small flap with silver hardware) and here ($2,400, small flap with gold hardware).

Other personal vintage favorites: 1990’s small navy flap with gold hardware ($1,795) and 1990’s small lambskin flap with gold hardware ($2,672). 

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