On the Street: Louis Vuitton Cluny BB


BW: Tell me a little about how you got your bag!

Catherine: This is the Louis Vuitton Cluny in the BB size. I got this bag at the Champs Elysees store when I was in Paris in May. I was on a girls vacation with my mom through Europe, and I knew I wanted to come away with a bag to remember my trip by.  I went to so many designer stores – Chanel, YSL, Celine, Fendi to name a few – and found a lot of bags I liked, but none that I thought I couldn’t leave without until I went to Louis Vuitton.  I saw the Cluny BB in the display window fell in love with it.


BW: I love how small it is! Is the BB big enough to hold everything you need?

Catherine: Yes, I love the size too!  My other bags are on the larger size since I throw all of my essentials of the day in there.  However, I’m realizing that all the things that I absolutely need to get around are my phone, wallet, keys which fit perfectly in the Cluny BB.


BW: What else do you like about it?

Catherine: I love how understated, timeless, and classy it looks.  I’m not particularly a fan of the monogram, and the only spot you will find the LV logo on this bag is on the bottom right hand corner. The removable shoulder strap also makes the bag very versatile. I use the strap for a more casual, everyday look and remove it for more formal occasions. I’ve worn the bag for weekend errands as well as weddings!


BW: How’s the durability?

Catherine: The epi leather material is great for people who worry about getting their bags dirty.  The material holds up so well that I don’t have worry if I spill some coffee over it.

BW: Sounds like you absolutely adore this bag, is there anything else you don’t like?


Catherine: Hmmm, the folds on the side of the bag have a tendency of becoming uneven.  You have to adjust them to make them even every now and then. Also, the sole interior pocket is against the front of the bag.  If you add keys or any other bulky item,  it can cause the leather to bulge outward.

BW: Any other thoughts?

Catherine: If you are in Europe and are looking for a luxury bag, buy it then!  I saved $800 off this bag because of the favorable exchange rate.



You can purchase the black Cluny BB from the Louis Vuitton website here ($2,500). The Cluny comes in a total of six colors and also in a larger MM size (in eight colors). 

Pre-loved versions are available here (MM – Noir $2,100), here (MM – Rose Ballerine $2,500), and here (MM – Coquelicot $2,595).

4 thoughts on “On the Street: Louis Vuitton Cluny BB

  1. Hi, need to make a choice would like some opinions. Looking at the cluny bb, I want something versatile for evenings and daily.. not sure if I should get the monogram or the black Epi leather with the hot pink edging and handle


    1. The monogram is definitely a classic and is good for everyday wear, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it my top choice for evenings. I would vote for the black epi leather especially since the hot pink just adds something different!


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