On the Street: Coach Metropolitan Slim Brief


BW: Why did you pick out this bag?

Eugene: Simple peer pressure from friends and being in a fashion forward city like NYC.  After ridicule from my female friend about my bulky Samsonite, I thought it was time for shell out for a “grown man” bag.  We had a good friend working in Coach at that time and she offered to hook my friend and I up with new bags.  After looking through Coach’s selection, I settled on this briefcase!


BW: Now that you’ve used this bag for a while, what do you like most about it?

Eugene: I love the slim streamlined design and the “classic” look.  I also appreciate the craftsmanship in the inner linings of the briefcase. I also wanted the flexibility of wearing this bag with something casual like jeans or a formal suit.  I also needed enough space to fit a laptop and accessories, a Moleskine notebook, manila file folders, #2 pencils, a Walkman, etc.


BW: Coach is known for their quality leather, but is there anything that you don’t like as much about this briefcase?

Eugene: It’s honestly a really nice bag but I’m uncertain how the Coach leather will handle the patina.  I get paranoid about having it on the floor or leaving it out on the sun because I don’t want to add wear and tear.  I usually end up using another bag (H&M duffle bag) for daily usage (carrying gym clothes and shoes) and skip the laptop, notebook, and Walkman.

You can find the Coach Metropolitan Slim Brief here in Mahogany ($495).