On the Street: Chanel Mademoiselle Flap Bag


BW: I love your bag! Is it vintage?

Jess: Yes! I’ve always loved Chanel (which girl doesn’t?) and wanted to add a bag to my collection. I’m more of a capsule closet kind of girl, so purchases are well thought out in advance. But I saw this online a while back and bought it on the spot! I thought it was a super classic piece – like most Chanel bags are. It’s been worth every penny and I have no buyer’s remorse.


BW: Chanel is known for their quality and timelessness – in which ways do you feel like this bag captures that essence?

Jess: I’m not sure how they do it but the shoulder strap is surprisingly comfortable. You would think that the thin chain strap would hurt when worn, but it falls at exactly the right place on my shoulder and doesn’t feel painful at all. And since this bag is an older style, I think the craftsmanship that is evident over time is really a testament to the quality of the brand. And of course, Chanel bags are versatile in almost every way. This bag goes with everything!



BW: Was there anything about this bag that you were surprised about?

Jess: Actually yes, the clasp was much sturdier than I expected! It definitely takes a good tug to get it open, which I don’t mind because I think it gives me better peace of mind. And I was also pleasantly surprised that I could fit a good deal in here – I can even fit a full sized Kindle!



Find similar styles to this quilted vintage Mademoiselle flap bag pre-loved here ($2,450), here ($1,259), and here ($2,595).

For new bags, find the classic flap at your closest Chanel store ($5,500+).

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