Bag Picks: Loeffler Randall Cheetah Clutch

One of my favorite things to do in NYC is standing in line for hours for a sample sale (just kidding, I hate standing in lines). These sample sales are either hits or misses but quite frankly worth the trip just to see what they hold. I’m like a kid on Christmas day — imagine me frantically ripping gift wrap off packages just for the sheer joy of unwrapping something.


A few weeks ago, I was away on a long overdue vacation, which unfortunately also meant that I would be missing the Loeffler Randall sample sale. My reasonable side was annoyingly rational about not purchasing another piece from this brand again since I picked up the Rider satchel a few weeks ago, but I REALLY wanted to know what was available. I begged my friend, Michael, to go instead and somehow he agreed.

So while I was laying on the beach getting burnt, dutiful and understanding Michael stood in line for me and texted me photos of everything at the sale. Like most last days of sample sales, everything was further discounted. This made everything even more tempting, but nothing really caught my eye. I was ready to give up after looking at most of the photos when Michael sent me a photo of this pouch!


Cheetah is not for everyone – but I do find loud prints like this to be a good contrast, especially if your closet is like mine and filled with neutrals.


This pouch is large enough to fit a tablet, a wallet, and a few bits and pieces here and there. I find it to be extremely useful for running errands and using it as a clutch for classier events.


The body is made of calf hair and leather which makes the pouch foldable. I like the slimmer body when using it to going out in the evenings.


One thing to note – calf hair does get kind of prickly when you carry the material close to your body. Over time, it’s irritating when the hairs brush up against your skin for too long.


Overall though, this was a great pick for less than 40% of the retail price. The cost per wear is definitely worth it. Thanks Michael for nabbing this for me!Untitled-1


This pouch is available here ($250) and here ($246). For a more structured take on a cheetah clutch, try this one also by Loeffler Randall ($395).

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