On the Street: Jack Spade Grant Leather Brief


BW: Tell me about how you picked this bag out!

Pat: I saw this bag when I was browsing online a few months ago and really liked the structure. I’m a minimalist at heart so this bag really struck a chord with me. I didn’t buy it on an impulse though because I already have two other briefcases. But when it went on sale I decided it was time to pick it up!


BW: What details of the bag made it stand out to you?

Pat:  I love the clean lines, simple look, and professional presentation of the bag. I decided to go with a less traditional grey leather to stand out against my darker suits. It’s a unique color that allows me to avoid having to strategically match my bag against the other leathers on my shoes and watch straps.


BW: Did you specifically look for a briefcase by Jack Spade?

Pat: Not really, but this particular bag did stand out to me because of the minimal branding – which is atypical for this brand. Jack Spade usually has really loud logos which I dislike.


BW: Is there anything that you think is bothersome?

Pat: I definitely find it to be pretty versatile for work. But, this briefcase is smaller than most with a width of just 1.2″. This is fine for my 15″ MacBook Air, but others with larger computers may want to look elsewhere.


You can find this bag in ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Blue’ on sale here for $199. A black color option is also available here ($398). Similar styles by Jack Spade include the Barrow slim briefcase for $398.

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