On the Street: Céline Medium Trapeze


BW: I love your bag! Tell me a little about it.
Jacky: I got this a while back when I was on vacation in Italy! The Euro was (and has been) pretty weak against the dollar so I thought that this trip was a good excuse to pick this bag up from the Céline store.



BW: It actually looks pretty large in person, but does the rectangular shape at all make it a little less functional?
Jacky: I think this is the medium sized Trapeze, but I can actually fit a lot in here – I’ve even tried to stuff my laptop in and it worked pretty well.




BW: Is there anything you don’t like? Was it worth the buy?
Jaclyn: I am a huge handbag lover so I didn’t hesitate when I bought it. But I have noticed that the sides of this bag have gotten a little dirty over time, which doesn’t bother me that much but does make me want to get it professionally cleaned. This might only be with this version though, because the sides are suede (I think).


You can purchase the Céline Trapeze bag in an array of sizes from ‘mini’ to ‘large’ in brick and mortar Céline stores (list here) or in person through stockists like Barney’s and select Nordstroms

Browse the newest Trapeze bags here.

For a similar look in this beige leather & suede combination, you can find a pre-loved version of the medium Trapeze here for $1,725. 


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