On the Street: Kate Spade Saturday ‘A’ Satchel


BW: Tell me the story behind how you got this bag!
Elise: I was on the look out for the perfect work and daily wear bag last year and coincidentally heard about Kate Spade’s sister brand at the same time. When I browsed Saturday’s line, I found this satchel and thought it would be perfect for what I needed. So for my birthday, my boyfriend ended up getting it for me which was perfect timing!



BW: Did it end up working as you expected?
Elise: Yeah, I find it functional for work – it fits my laptop and various other items for the work week. It also goes well with more casual outfits like today’s! I like the structure and form of the bag. The top handle is also nice because it gives me another way to hold the satchel. The leather is pebbly and pretty sturdy, especially when I have to carry a lot of stuff.


BW: Is there anything about your bag in particular or Kate Spade Saturday that you find to be subpar?
Elise: I don’t have too many thoughts on the differences between the main Kate Spade brand and its sister line. For this bag specifically, I don’t like how the shoulder strap’s edges are peeling off. It may be because I wear this bag a lot, but there are visible leather pieces flaking off. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t bother me a ton because I like pretty much everything else about the bag.



This Kate Spade Saturday ‘A’ satchel is now discontinued – but you can find similar styles from the main Kate Spade line here: cameron street blakely satchel ($378), cedar street hayden ($358), and cobble hill adrien ($428) – I think this one looks the most similar!

P.S. You can take an extra 25% off Kate Spade sale today!

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