Five Under $500 – Spring Edition

With all the recent friends & family sales going on (and the surge of sample sales), I have been itching to buy a new bag for spring. For me, it’s easy to get suckered into the seasonality and whimsy of certain bags – even though I know I probably won’t be able to get a ton of mileage on them. So when picking spring bags (which are arguably less versatile to pair than fall hues like beige/taupe neutrals and jewel tones), I ask myself a few important questions:


  • Can I carry this bag in June? How about August? Or in the deep of winter?
    This is important because in the spring months, I somehow always feel that I can run outside and get away with the most minimal of possessions: keys, cardholder, headphones, & some lip balm. But if it becomes the dead of winter, will this bag be versatile enough to hold more items like thick scarves, gloves, and ear muffs? If the answer is no, then…


  • Will I have multiple occasions that I can carry this bag?
    I do see the value in purchasing smaller bags that may not be the most functional for situations where you’d prefer to carry as little as possible. A few scenarios that fall under this umbrella: volunteer activities, music festivals, going out at night, etc. All of which can occur frequently.


  • Would I be able to pair this color with wintry or autumn outfits?
    Typically, there is less of an issue with pairing spring accessories with summer pieces so I only bother to consider the colder seasons. When fall rolls around, I get incredibly excited to pull out all my plum/emerald/camel sweaters and tall boots. Some spring colors (think pastels!) are less versatile in these seasons for obvious reasons, but many others may actually pair well with autumn palettes. Personally, I like wearing my white bags against navy and/or black heavy outfits.

Here are my top five picks for this season’s spring bags, all under $500:

Rebecca Minkoff – Lilac Isobel Hobo – $325
available here (25% off until 4/10)| 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 4.5″

Rebecca Minkoff - Isobel

I’m personally not a huge fan of hobos, but every once in a while, there is a bag that makes me reconsider my stance on hobos. This is one of them – I love the tassel accents (…actually I just love tassels in general) and how dusty and light this lilac color is. It’s not overwhelmingly pastel which will help make it versatile for other seasons. (P.S. I also liked the pink version here)


Loeffler Randall – Natural Rider Satchel (Medium) – $475
available here (25% off until 4/8) | 9.75″ x 8.25″ x 2.75″

Loeffler Randall - Rider

I have been eyeing this bag (in black) for ages, but I think this tan color is the perfect neutral for spring as a transitional piece.


ALLSAINTS – Light Grey Paradise Embossed Satchel – $278
available here (25% off until 4/10) | 13.5″ x 10″ x 4″

All Saints - Paradise

I typically don’t look to ALLSAINTS for handbags, but I stumbled upon this particular one in a deep burgundy color earlier this winter and loved it. But I also thought that the grey version really showed off the embossing on the body and was a pretty contrast against the neutral, smooth flap.


Cambridge Satchel – Sweet Pea Blue Large Pushlock – $145
available here | 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 3″

Cambridge Satchel - Pushlock

I own a Cambridge Satchel in a pastel lilac already, but I LOVE this mint color especially with the classic shape of this bag. One of the biggest gripes I have with my Cambridge Satchel (review coming soon!) is how hard the old-fashioned clasps made it to get inside the bag, but this pushlock solves that problem. This is definitely the most quintessential spring bag (also the cheapest on this list!).


Michael Kors – Optic White Julia Satchel – $428
available here (25% off until 4/10) | 14″ x 10″ x 5″

Michael Kors - Julia

I haven’t purchased a Michael Kors bag in years, mainly because of the over-saturation of the brand on the market. But every so often there will be a MK bag that catches my eye – this one in particular was because of the bright white hue and detailing on the bag. I am a sucker for beautiful contrasts, and I think that the gold hardware was a really nice touch against the vivid white leather.


Photo credits (in order): Rebecca Minkoff, Loeffler RandallALLSAINTS,  Cambridge Satchel, Michael Kors

Want to see Five Under $500 posts for other occasions? Let me know in the comments below!


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