On the Street: Ted Baker Rooks Messenger Bag


BW: Tell me about your bag!
Isaac: This is the”Rook” messenger bag by Ted Baker. I picked it out a few months ago when I moved to New York. Prior to getting this bag, I was carrying a backpack. But after going to a few client sites I realized I needed something more “professional”. It was time to ditch the college bag and upgrade. I looked around many places but everything looked too mature or too ordinary. I also didn’t want to get the typical leather briefcase everyone has. So after consulting a few female friends (my personal fashion stylists) and getting their approval, I settled on this bag. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it in the mail because it looked even better in person than on the website!


BW: What specifically do you like about it?
Isaac: I was looking for three things specifically: portability, style, and a low maintenance factor. Since I walk so much in New York and also get crammed into subways, I wanted something that was slim and light. This bag was just spacious enough for me to carry my laptop and then some. I knew I didn’t want a full leather bag – I needed something that I could throw around and look new, rain or shine. I think that even though the body is mainly nylon, the leather detailing gives it a ‘classy’ appearance.


BW: Play devil’s advocate and tell me what you don’t like about this bag.
Isaac: If you’re looking to pack more than a laptop and a few notebooks, this is not the bag for you. It does not have a lot of depth since it’s so slim. Also, I would love if the strap was padded since it can hurt your shoulder if you’re carrying a lot of stuff.


You can find this messenger bag from Nordstrom here in ‘Black’ for $165. The full leather version of this bag is also available via Nordstrom here for $425 in ‘Black’. The dimensions for both are: 15″ x 12″ x 3.5″

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