On the Street: J.W. Hulme Leather Briefcase


BW: What bag are you carrying?
Michael: J.W. Hulme’s Leather Document Briefcase. I got it from Brooks Brothers when they had a sale – easily the most worthwhile discount I’ve encountered so far.
BW: How much did it come out to, if you don’t mind me asking?
Michael: $630, which is a steal. Watch out for those friends & family sales and Amex offers.


BW: Tell me your likes and dislikes.
Michael: I like that the material is full grain vegetable tanned leather, which is top-notch, so the bag is meant to last a lifetime and will get better with time (in fact J.W. Hulme provides a lifetime guarantee). It also has a lot of pockets and compartments which makes organization easy.
Michael: It is, however, on the larger side, and can definitely get heavy when filled up.


BW: Is it difficult to take care of the briefcase?
Michael: Not really, there are obvious scratches and scuffs on my bag, but I think it just gives the bag more character, so I don’t have to be super careful with it. It honestly is a classic briefcase that is timeless and goes well with suits or sneakers. I can definitely see myself passing this on to my kids in the far future.


You can find this briefcase from Brooks Brothers in ‘Brown’ (as mentioned above) or ‘Saddle’  for $995; or from J.W. Hulme’s website here in ‘American Heritage’ (Brown at Brooks Brothers), ‘Saddle’, or ‘Black 1905’ for $1,095.

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