On the Street: Kate Spade Park Avenue Cheri Shoulder Bag


BW: Tell me about your bag!
Alicia: This is the 2 Park Avenue Cheri bag by Kate Spade – I consider it a medium sized shoulder bag. My parents got this for me as a gift a few years ago. It’s one of the few bags I have in my small collection.

BW: What do you typically use this bag for?
Alicia: I pull it out whenever I have things that I know I can’t stuff into a crossbody. It looks small but I can actually fit a whole continental wallet in here…in addition to my phone, keys, hand sanitizer, etc. I also like how it’s super structured so it really pulls any outfit together.
BW: No downsides?
Alicia: I’m not a huge fan of the opening. When I flip open the flap, I feel like I’m exposing the contents of my bag to the world. It’s a little annoying especially in cities like New York where there are tons of people flooding by you. I feel like the hardware also gets scratched easily.



This bag is sold out in stores, but you can find it in different colors from secondhand retailers and resellers: eBay (in pink) and Poshmark: here (in robin blue) and here (in tan).

Here are a few similar shoulder & flap bags (in a range of prices): Valentino Small Lock Shoulder Bag ($2,345), Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Turn-Lock Love Bag ($295), Kate Spade Emerson Lane Lawsen ($398).

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