Hello friends & strangers,

Thank you for checking out Bag Watch!

Having an eye (and appetite) for handbags has now created this beautiful monster: bagwatch.io was born from my need to compulsively ask every well-dressed lady on the street what bag she was carrying. Luckily, I have never run out of inspiration in this city that never sleeps. I’ve seen leather, canvas, nylon bags of every kind decked out with colorful pompoms, silky scarves, and luxe tassels. Some way some how, I wanted to document these bags and the stories behind them (and perhaps pick some up for myself when my wallet allows it!).

I hope you enjoy reading and finding all the most beautiful bags that the ladies (and gents!) of NYC have to offer. Whether the bag is fuchsia or black,$50 or more expensive than my annual rent, Bag Watch will try to feature them all. I hope that Bag Watch becomes a valuable resource in which you can scour and plan (or impulsively buy) your next bag purchase!


photography copyright: http://bagwatch.io

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